I Am the Monster Overlord

Alternative: Wo Shi Guaishou Da Zhuzai, I Am the Great Master of Mystical Beasts, I Am the Monster Overlord, Soy el Gran Maestro de los Monstruos, Ta Là Quái Thú Đại Chúa Tể, Wǒ Shì Guàishòu Dà Zhǔzǎi, 我是怪兽大主宰, 非覚醒者の逆襲〜最強モンスターの支配〜
Status: Ongoing

Genres: Action Drama Fantasy Shounen

Blue Star’s spiritual energy is restored, and the monsters return to the world! Divine Beast Zhulong, Ferocious Beast Fengxi, Evil Beast Qiongqi, Sea Monster Kraken, Worldly Python Yemengjia, Devastating Earth Beast Behemoth… The only ones capable of resisting these monsters are the awakened humans! However, Lin Xiu failed to awaken any abilities and became the laughingstock of everyone. But with the mysterious pendant left by his father, he unexpectedly gained the ability to control monsters.

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